Redefining social engagements for fitness enthusiasts

The story thus far

With an ingenious inspiration WorkOutBunnies, a start-up, set out on a journey to redefine the way people work out. A unique idea, incorporating social to fitness training was quite new to the U.S markets. WorkoutBunnies was different in every sense. It aimed to provide a common platform for all fitness enthusiasts and trainers to re-invent the concept of buddy training.

Flexing the Muscles for a Fitness social experiment

With a fantastic idea serving as the backbone, the challenge was to build a delivery system that works well to integrate social elements in the digital world with fitness training, instructions and tips. With all the challenges accompanying the setting up of a start up on the one side, we assured our services in the technology domain for this inventive initiative.

Inspired by passion. Developed by technology.

Inspired by the opportunity to bring progressive disruption to this huge marketplace we reviewed all our thought works to finalize a feasible proposal that would usher in new scope for workout enthusiasts.

“We drafted a proposal, configured it against design and usability criteria including: information architecture, interaction design and visual design to develop a social platform that integrates with mobile interfaces providing an exceptional user experience.”

Our proposal worked not just on developing the prototype that sees the service hitting the market but also a strategy to monetize the initiative and pitching it towards venture capitalist and other investors.

Discovering Buddies the digital way

In today’s digital world ease of use and user interface influences the users’ engagements. This enables one-click interactions and real-time updates on everything from world news to what your friend had for lunch. But we were sceptic if this would be the only ingredients for socializing fitness lovers. What social elements would impress them .What would an engaging workout site look like?

Our brainstorm sessions and review of fitness and social sites helped us devise an iterative conclusion to perfect the optimum blend of algorithms and customisations that would provide the apt user experience.

With Ollco, our premier social engagement platform that allows full freedom of creative thoughts and limitless customization, we had the liberty to build a site experience that reflects the in-class experience to engage users in a meaningful way.

To invoke interest in fitness lovers we tailor-made numerous social features that improves their digital experiences as well as help them flex their muscles.

“Focusing on the primary concept of finding the perfect buddies we tweaked the social platform to suggest members with partner bunnies matching their profile, demography, interests and workout sessions. Our built-in Algorithms also helped convert queries, providing intelligent options to consider based on a small amount of information provided on user searches for “bunnies”.”

We built in a separate environment for trainers by pioneering a new platform that provides a more intimate relationship with relevant content, to focus on their sessions and courses provided to bunnies. Hosting events was simplified by integrating an events module that was made available to all users to share hosted events, and extend invitations to other bunnies.

Creating a module based on fitness exercises of their choice like swimming, running, kayaking etc., proved to be an inspiring bonus in clustering the bunnies with common passions.

Engage Bunnies

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Expanding the Vision

Imagine the fitness site’s role evolving into a trusted advisor, integrating all sorts of information related to the bunnies’ interests and workout routine. We envisioned this and developed a session to include suggestions and “tips” from bunnies and trainers that would help members tone their body.

That’s not just it; we envisioned a future for social commerce in the platform and incorporated a module that allows for showcasing products and online sales of product and services.

The guys at WorkOutBunnies saw it this way - if we are to provide an opportunity to generate revenue why not provide an opportunity to promote these products and services. So we set out working on a non-intrusive and artistic method of incorporating advertisements that becomes a revenue stream for both trainers and

We researched the difficulties for novice fitness trainees and designed interactive features that would motivate them to become regular trainers. Towards this we created a weekly planner to log their exercise activity and also awarded points to each trainee based on the fitness activity completed. To promote healthy competition we integrated a leaderboard where the trainees with highest points are listed.

“Working closely on mobile integrations, we ensured that we offer real value to the target demographic: not by featuring heavily branded images, but by connecting with users through their mobile devices in a way that offered value to their engagements.”

With WorkoutBunnies, we could engage with the target audience by adding value, while standing apart in the cluttered social media landscape.