Connected engagements to refine Medical communications

Briefing the Backstory

Leading U.S pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods manufacturer Johnson and Johnson wanted to conduct a participatory survey involving medical practitioners (particularly gastroenterologist) across the Asia-Pacific. The findings of this survey was to be analysed, discussed and perused at an upcoming conference at [conference name & time], after which it was to be put in the public domain as a reference to medical practitioners.

Unearthing obstacles to redefine medical Communication

The immediate purpose was to serve the needs of the upcoming conference through an online survey portal but on a larger perspective the task was to provide a means to involve physicians across Asia-pacific to be part of Johnson & Johnson’s future initiatives. To achieve this Johnson and Johnson needed a partner whose design and technology capabilities could keep up with the brand’s industry-leading expertise.

Connected engagement to share knowledge & expertise

Connected engagement to share knowledge & expertise

We proposed an ingenious solution that would meet all the objectives of Johnson and Johnson as well as provide additional and lasting benefits.

We envisioned maturing the project by providing a single window platform for online survey participation, analyses of the survey, discussions on the findings, a digital library on the findings and a platform for similar initiatives in the future.

“Additionally our strategy allows medical practitioners across the region to stay connected and engage in productive and meaningful discussion at all times.”

Designing The Experience: THEGUTPEOPLE

With a fresh, bold look and new capabilities that create interactive online engagements, Gut people proves to be a defining moment of innovation in user experience.

We derived our proposal from a working prototype of our social platform Ollco. By incorporating various features and customisations, designers and developers build on Ollco’s platform and used its APIs, to create an educational digital platform of the doctors for the doctors and by the doctors - TheGutPeople.

TheGutPeople is a feature rich social platform that connects doctors across the Asia-pacific region with the intention of sharing difficult cases participate in discussions and ultimately improve the outcome of patients diagnosed with IBD.

Collaborating to transform Healthcare

Physicians work on numerous cases that are documented in various hospitals across the region. We put in our efforts and creative hats to work on the realistic possibility of converting these case studies into future references for other medical practitioners in the region.

We focused on creating an exceptional digital experience by streamlining all features to be interactive and yet simple and easy to use for even the novice users. The effort was to ensure technology as an enabler did not prove to be an obstacle to unfamiliar physicians.

“By allowing easy integration of multiple case studies with our proprietary framework, we created a user-centric platform that would exemplify the new experience standards, while serving as a reference resource with easily discoverable content.”

To share interesting literature, findings, articles or daily cases within the community or to initiate a discussion, we structured a newsfeed that displays by relevance of topics and authority.

“Our output was an engagement platform that allowed physicians to share cases and experiences, interact and discuss outcomes with peers and gather their feedback on procedures and diagnosis”

To share interesting literature, findings, articles or daily cases within the community or to initiate a discussion, we structured a newsfeed that displays by relevance of topics and authority.

We focused our resources in providing a richer front-end digital experience even as we incorporated simplistic designs and minimal complexity of back-end processing.

Warehousing Knowledge for tomorrow

Having restructured the way GI specialists communicate, we set out to create a socialized knowledgebase of interesting and resourceful information available to the members of the community 24*7.

Working with internal team of gut people we created a scalable E-library that houses a range of resources including case studies, videos, and the best updates and outcomes from conferences and meetings.

“Today Gut People is a thriving community of GI specialists from every part of the Asia-Pacific region working with a common mission to improve the standards of treatment for Digestive and Gut diseases. So much from a proposal for an online survey.”

As an additional feature that enables to track future events we designed an events section that allows members to create or organise events as well as invite colleagues to upcoming events. Our algorithms would then track responses to identify and inform organisers on members attending the event. To ensure access to all users, anytime and anywhere a video section was enabled to stream webcasts of events and conferences.